Bart van Rijn
Olyts Surk

Release Date: 02.21.2014

Proton Limited is happy to bring you the first release of 2014, with a new electronic original piece, Olyts Surk, by talented DJ/Producer Bart Van Rijn from the Netherlands. Bart has releases on Catslovebass and Space Panorama Records, the impressive deep house original pushes and pulls tempo changes with a slightly deep filtered vocal, adding certain excitement to the club track. Perfect for the end of winter anxiety, into blissful swoon of spring and summer festival vacations.

Olyts Surk Is accompanied with a remix by Avantroots Records label boss Pablo Bolivar who is one of the most innovating artist of the Spanish electronic scene, sometimes touring as Pulshar (together with Sergio “Afro” Sianz). Pablo adds his special touch to the remix, yet conscientious to the original, but with a slightly melodic heavy drumbeat, guiding you through an energetic instrumental version that will for sure stir dance floors across the globe.


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