Alvaro Ernesto
Dejavu EP

Release Date: 05.09.2012

Alvaro Ernesto brings some deepness with him on his next release with us. The title track of the EP, Devaju, is a great pumpin track with deep basslines and lush pads. Excellent club track.

Dejavu also comes with three excellent and diverse mixes from the original. Opencloud brings a more dynamic interpretation with a driving beat and builder of an arrangement. While Celice Monnette + Enrique Gongora take Dejavu to a deep space techno vibe that will shuttle you to another universe, very cool stuff from this duo. To round of the remixes, Nico Cano adds a techy vibe to the original while still keeping it deep.

On the B side, Alvaro Ernesto takes a deeper melodic vibe with Endless. Such a solid EP from an amazing talent out of Peru.


  1. Dejavu (Original Mix)
  2. Dejavu (Opencloud Vision Mix)
  3. Dejavu (Celice Monnette + Enrique Gongora Remix)
  4. Dejavu (Nico Cano Mix)
  5. Endless (Original Mix)


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