Newbie Nerdz

Newbies to the block & Nerds are what they are, together they form an interesting duo called “Newbie Nerdz”

A creation of two souls that blends in one, two unique individuals who believes in the experimentation of all types of music genres. Give them Jazz, Blues or even Indie Rock and they will give you Electro Progressive-Tech house.Reverb & Revibe, Recreate & Re-define is their Motto.

It’s in their soul and love for music that breeds this generation style of music which stamps the mark of the new decade, using their tricks of mastering from classical pianos to guitars and even synthesis.

Why Nerdz?

That is because they would dabble into anything and everything. Throw them the sounds of the waves, they will make waves tap dance. Give them an array spectrum of science to equations, they will make you see figures of fun and laughter. But it was the experimentation of the new softwares that lead them to another world, a city that has no boundaries and inspires many to make their markings here.

“Newbie Nerdz” met at the corner of London upcoming New Burlington Street in 2010, spooning the sounds of the streets of london and munching into their crunchy slice of pizza, this duo have a unique frame of sounds and sights. Expanding their horizons by travelling to different places and experiencing different cultures and things, they have managed to use them to recreate their thoughts and ideas by paraphrasing their feelings and soul into it.
Nevertheless, also spending numerous years and hours of redefining their styles and researching through technology new and old and methods of incorporating their uniqueness into it. They breed their spirit into the music.

NNz:”Its not just sounds that you make music out of it but you inject life into the sounds that makes the music speaks.”