Mild Bang

Christopher Velasco aka Mild Bang Starts his career in the year 2000 engaging in projects with a experimental character. Using digital resources and classical instruments for the creation of new and versatile styles. Presenting his first live acts in fashion runways like the WTC digital fashion show in Mexico City as well as in chillout scenarios in outdoor party’s. In 2005 his work takes on techno and house genres showing a definitive evolution in his style. He participates in first class events in and out of Mexico City sharing stage with outstanding artist like Minilogue, Pots, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Yapacc, Barrilette, Guy Gerber, Ryan Crosson, Inxec, Veintengruber, among others. His work has had a excellent welcome among the public and labels around the world have put his tracks in the top 100 downloads in BeatPort. He edits his tracks in labels like Love Hertz, Substudio Records, Drag Music, Packed Music, Piso Records, Proton Ltd, Blaq Records, Miniatura Records, Panta Muzik, InfraDigrecords, among others. His music is constantly put to the test and receives great feedback from known artist like Phonogenic, Chris Fortier, Da Funk, Jay Tripwire, Anderson Noise, Deepchild, Gamica, Tomcraft, Tim Green, Someone Else, Monodub.


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